Tg.blk- Love being used (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen

It’s easy to stay the same, it’s a lot harder to stop toxic cycles that become habitual. Unfortunately, most humans don’t like to acknowledge the patterns that may actually be hurting us. Tg.blk has a single called Love Being Used. Tg.blk described it as a masochist’s anthem to love. “Imma  get you ready you can love someone else, something like a filler for rotation on a shelf” these lyrics tell a story of repetition and a bit of disappointment. They are confessing all the flaws that have led to struggling with healthy romantic relationships. I love how the tone of the song contrasts with the message. Love Being Used has a delightful beat selection, but strong and honest lyrics that add some irony as well. Have you ever heard the saying “you played yourself”?

Well, I feel like Tg.blk has made it into a song. “Just me, myself, and the same mistakes, broke my heart won’t take a break.” They know that at this point, they are enabling and they are really the problem. 

As soon as I heard this song I loved it! Love Being Used is so relatable to my generation and people who find themselves caught in the same toxic rotation.Tg.blk is setting an example for recognizing our own toxicity, so it’s only right you add Love Being Used to your prosperity playlist.

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