Thais Gonzalez Aka Sweet Té (Track Review)

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"I’ve had a passion for music from as far back as I can remember" says breakthrough hip hop artist Thais Gonsalez.

If we’ve learned anything from the 21st century so far, it’s that you should never sleep on your dreams. Don’t water your passion because of a fear of failure. We have seen more people break out of their comfort zones and redirect their lives in a path of their choice.

Thais Gonsalez, famously known as “Sweet Te” is one young woman who is embracing her passion and going hard to build her dream into a reality. Thais has made her mark in the hip hop world, in the social media space and she is a multi-published model and actress.

In her pursuit of her musical dream, she has managed to slot in some of her other passions like poetry and a love for fashion with her lingerie line “Sweet Teasories.” Thais Gonsalez is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. 

Thais has harbored a passion for music her entire life, however, she didn’t receive support from her family to pursue music. Now that she’s older and nothing standing in her way, she has immersed herself into expressing her creativity through music and audiences across the globe are loving it.

Her first single in 2018, ‘Took his Money’ hit the clubs soon after its release and even got air play on stations like Hot 97. Her continued music releases have made her a household name in the hip hop circles. Her remix of Felix Felgado’s ‘On My New York Sh*t’ has rained in more fans of her music.

When she’s not working on music, ‘Sweet Te’ focuses on her online presence, engaging with her audience, acting, writing poetry and working on her lingerie brand. She also models for music videos and has appeared in videos for stars like Rick Ross, Rae Sremmurd, among many others.

Her accelerated growth and popularity in the hip hop world and social media speak to her talents and paint a picture of the immense success that she is gearing towards. Thais is grateful that she is a multi-talented artist as this allows her to exercise her creativity and passion in everything, she is good at and wants to pursue.

As for her future plans, Thais isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon. She is determined to go full throttle ahead and break records, build and empire and empower many women and young girls through her work.

Acting is in the near future for ‘Sweet Te’ and in the meantime, she is hoping to put smiles on many of her audiences’ faces with her music, modeling and poetry.

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