SwanoDown SitDown w/ The Bergamot- Young Again

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Artists, all throughout the music world, are loved for varying reasons. Those reasons may include their production style, their vocal timbre, and even their sense of fashion. When it comes to The Bergamot, it's safe to say many love them for their songwriting. 

Let's not mince words here, this Emmy-winning, Husband & Wife duo, also have mesmerizing tonal quality, and constantly engaging instrumentation. It's quite apparent that Nathaniel and Jillian are seasoned professionals. While listening to their discography, songs like Bones  and, Young Again, give that aforementioned statement weight. Both of those pieces take the listener on a detailed and profound experience. 

Nathaniel, of The Bergamot, told SwanoDown: 

"As the pendulum swings from youth to wisdom, there is a distinctive moment when we become aware of the time that has passed and how we no longer have the same ambitions and hopes of our youthful selves. Young Again, attempts to take the listener on the journey that I went on from a young boy in Indiana, to growing into a man on the banks of the East River in New York City. The song moves along, much like my life, with each verse attempting to capture a time."

The Bergamot's music has the ability to be intimately introspective, but simultaneously relatable. This dynamic makes for their pieces to feel vulnerable. Their vulnerability is portrayed in a way thst also makes us feel comfortable to let our guards down and reflect. 

Nathaniel Stated: 

"For me, I just create music that makes me feel something- happiness, sadness, anger- I want the art to move me. If it does, then I just pursue it to its end. Make that particular ‘moment’ or song the best it can be. Even though that means I may be working on a song that will never be released. But, I don’t spend much time thinking about that. I just want each song to be the best it can be so there is no excuse to stop a song from reaching completion, each song has to become what it is. My least favorite songs tend to be ones that I ‘intended’ a certain outcome and forced a song into a form that it was not right for. Ultimately, those either get tossed or rewritten. I view my job as the artist to get as many songs as possible over the finish line, no matter how good/bad it might end up being. Everyday is a chance to create and I love the process…"

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