The Breath of Serendipity (Video Critique)

Critiqued by Lukey Lenz

Many of us know the feeling of being wrapped up in a daydream thinking about a crush. In Raquel Castro’s Serendipitous Maybe, she seems to be doing just that. With a hazy atmosphere and minimal shot list, this lyric video almost makes the viewer feel claustrophobic, stuck in a fantasy of the person that they often have on their mind. Set in sunny Los Angeles, the scenery is picturesque, mainly focusing on the soothing colors of green and yellow. 

The lyrics in this track may seem very straightforward, but with its added video elements it may take on a new meaning. In this production the director, Adam Grenly, captures Castro with very mild and inviting facial expressions. With the shots that share similarity, it plays like a dream you can’t explain, ever looping or moving on a nonlinear path. Along with this, Castro continuously says things that feed into that otherworldly effect that this love invokes. “You’re something different but I feel like I’ve known you all my days” was one of the first set of lyrics to alert me to this. Sometimes the desire for someone can allow you to prematurely lower your guard when dealing with potential relationships. Next, Castro goes on to say “We’ve been here before in another life” and “What if I was yours in another life” suggesting her apparent love has transcended their lifetime. 

Overall, I enjoyed this track and its video execution. Serendipitous Maybe avoids convoluted imagery and focuses on the lyrics to articulate a feeling of ascension in relation to love. The love we might be seeking could be serendipitous…maybe.

Watch the Serendipitous Maybe music video, performed by Raquel Castro and shot by Adam Grenly, on Youtube:

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