The Cool Quest- Temporary (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

The Cool Quest, brings the funk with their latest single, Temporary. You can hear the influences of Prince from the instrumentation, to the vocals. It’s clear that the artists of Prince's era were a model for, The Cool Quest. They pulled from the, Love era, where many songs were about the love of their life and how they couldn’t live without them.

This dynamic duo professes their infatuation over slick bass, and an upbeat tempo to dance to. We don’t choose who we love, sometimes it hits us in the face and we have to think on the go. If it's one sided,  or indecisive on someone’s end, we have to bring an argument that leans towards following our heart. There's always going to be that one person you enjoy being with and gives you the feels.

Now baby, let’s just get together

And stick around until forever

Forever is definitely a long time, but time is irrelevant if you’re the "perfect person" for one another. The Cool Quest, are on a mission and I hope they succeed. A leap of faith is all we need when we're diving into a relationship. One negative thought can flip the switch and ruin everything. 

Overall, The Cool Quest, provided us with a retro sound, telling us that love shouldn’t be, Temporary, or the person we are with should be.

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