The Millennial Club- When It's Just You & I (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

“Only heaven knows how long I’ll wait for you”

Having someone in your life that loves you unconditionally is a blessing.
Honestly, it's one of the best feelings in the world. There aren't any limitations to one’s love- truly capturing one’s soul. I find it ironic for this group's name to be
The Millennial Club, as if millennials would know about such a thing as love (haha). I can’t condemn every millennial though, as their title song to their latest EP,  When It’s Just You & I, suggests they may have experienced a thing or two regarding the subject. This song immediately takes you back to a place of vulnerability you once had when you were with that special someone.

The instrumentation by itself pulls on the figurative strings that are attached to your heart, yearning for the love that they seeks on the song. It’s as if they're calling out to that special someone, giving them the okay to let down their guard.

Overall, I fully enjoyed this piece of art and suggest tuning in to their latest EP.

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