The name Dj Samer Wakileh shines all over the world [Report]

Reported by SwanoDown 

Samer Wakileh or Dj Samer Wakileh, is a young Jordanian born on January 6, 1998. He loved music since childhood, and began his musical career at the age of sixteen.

The year 2014 began with large wedding parties and public events, and one of these events was held in the three largest universities in Jordan, and more than three thousand people gathered in each event.

Samer's name shone more during the period of the Corona pandemic and the home stone, as he began broadcasting music from his home through his accounts on the social networking sites "TikTok" and "Instagram".

The latter is also active on all social media platforms, especially on “Instagram”, where he creates creative and unique music content and uploads it to integrate the audience into it. In addition, he made a remix on the song “My Heart Beats Three Beats” and in a short period his song spread all over The world, where he set a record of 4 million views on his YouTube channel.

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