The Shadowboxers- Forever (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

How do you know when the relationship is real? Honestly, I believe love is immensely abstract as well as intentional,  and that is undeniable in this single “Forever” by The Shadowboxers!

Just as the song begins, the smooth three part harmony strikes a chord within me. “Forever” has a vibrant but classic melody that is sure to keep your sweetheart on your mind. Scott Tyler Schwartz told us it was important to stay true to themselves but also honor their fans, thus letting their three part harmonies lead the song, which gave it a vintage sound. Scott also told us The Shadowboxers sound is often associated with The Bee Gees and I love that connection, just think about the feel good harmonious blends with dynamic beat selections. The Shadowboxers are giving us the real thing all the way down to the lyrics “When I look ahead everything’s in gray but you’re the only color coming in clear view” a love so intense that can’t be let go and radiates brighter than everything around it.

“Forever” is a capturing song I can hear through daily life, but also in movies. I imagine this song being placed in a number one romantic comedy film, right on the tear jerking scene! I suggest you kick back and relax in the sun with someone you love while you listen to ‘Forever’ but the message is to “Stay the course and real things will last.” 

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