The SwanoDown BreakDown ep2- Narrated by Grayson Jones

Written by Grayson Jones

The morning breeze was the topic of conversation while listening to Chaos Ark’s, Ease, to kick off The SwanoDown BreakDown. We learned a valuable life lesson on personal health while indulging into Ellen Mara and Mid Ground’s tribute titled Peace In The Sky. Mia Mormino created a song with all the trimmings, from the video to the music, we were excited about this young singer. We checked out Stick Up as our last song– but certainly not in any particular order.

These tracks can be interpreted in several ways, but you will only be sure of the multiple avenues once you listen to them. The three songs chosen this week have class, funk, and style! This episode has some phenomenal artists involved who’s sole purpose is to create something special. Listen for yourself!

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