The Syrian superstar Nassif Zeytoun surprisingly invaded the live stream of Dj Samer Wakileh on instagram [Report]

The Arab people are a fun and life-loving people, especially the loud concerts and the enthusiastic atmosphere, but after the Corona pandemic and the home quarantine, the large restaurants and theaters were closed, as life became almost tragic.
"Necessity is the mother of invention" This saying applies to us Arabs! Where nothing is "caught" on us.

Concerts are broadcasted over phones while we are at home.

"DJ" Samer Wakileh made this easy for us and started live broadcasting and publishing beautiful and entertaining music clips. Many people interacted with him, as his live broadcast on "Instagram" exceeded millions of viewers, and for the first time in history, the Arab star "Nassif Zeitoun" stormed his concert on the 28th. / 01/2021, which he set up for the fans of this famous artist.

This event was unique as it was the first for a young "DJ". The audience rejoiced, interacted more and more, and the number of viewers increased.
The second concert held by "DJ" Samer Wakileh on the occasion of the artist "Nassif Zeytoun" on 09/25/2021. Once again, "Nassif Zeytoun" surprised his fans and entered the live broadcast, thanking the viewers and " Samer Wakileh “for his beautiful and loud concert.

Social networking sites were buzzing about this event, and several pages were written about it, including Lebanese, Arab and international ones. Where the Dj Samer Wakileh became the agent of everyone's talk with his professionalism and high craftsmanship!

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