Thee JAE (SwanoDown Report)

Written by Imani Wj Wright

Having collaborated with names like Nessley, Jay Gwuapo, and Hoodrich Pablo Juan... Thee JAE's portfolio is already impressive. And the names don't stop there, he's also done tracks with Valeé, and BIGBABBYGUCCI, all artists with substantial recognition in the music game. 

It's no surprise that JAE has been able to capture and seal the talents that he has, the guy is filled with skill and musical prowess. Raised in the DMV, his abilities are prevalent on cuts like, "Valero," "Wasteband," and "Meltdown." His lyricism, wordplay, and charisma could be deemed as advanced. But- on tracks like "Meltdown," he gives us a touch of vulnerability and heartfelt storytelling. An artists with a versatile repertoire, indirectly displays their confidence, showing their audience that their attributes surpass just one style.

On his latest project, TRAP JAE VOL. II (Available on all platforms), he gives the audience, not only rapping, but singing- another example of his versatile artistry. He guarantees to give his audiences "a lyrical work of art."  Bobbynice, one artists that we had not mentioned earlier, is also featured on this project. 

Here at SwanoDown, we're looking forward to watching JAE's progression. 

Check him out:

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