Malcolm Anthony x HERA- My Friends Think That Im Crazy (Track Review)


Written by Lucas Ballard 

Despite their best warnings, our friends usually cannot fully deter the attraction we have for people. Many times our love interests are good for us but a lot of them are insincere, not genuinely liking you or for the right reasons. Still, we stay with them and deal with the consequences of their actions, ultimately changing who we are as people. 

On this track titled, “My Friends Think I’m Crazy”, Malcolm Anthony and Hera tell the story of how their lovers have obvious red flags but they're so fully infatuated with the idea of them, that they cannot separate themselves. This track is very refreshing, despite it’s somber tone. The lyrics along with the cadences, really convey the feeling of symbiotic love. Mark talks about how blind he was in the midst of falling for this person and often refers to her face being amazing, prioritizing those looks over her personality. Hera has a more realistic idea of this “love” as she acknowledges her love for herself as being more powerful than the love for that of her counterpart. She goes as far to say “I could never love you how I love myself” clearly showing she really enjoys the attention and feeling but ultimately sees her lover as a puppy dog and easily manipulated.

With a clean riff and varied ethereal sounds, “My Friends Think I’m Crazy” effectively conveys the dreamy nature of love as well as its obstacles.

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