Thomas Lavine- Bridges (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

Bridges, the latest entry from Folk singer,  Thomas Lavine, reflects on heartbreak induced trauma. He pours his soul out into this one, and delivers a wave of emotions that connects with people close to these situations. Burning bridges aren’t always the best route to go, but if someone is too toxic for you, I would burn that bridge for you myself. 

Too many relationships that are toxic nowadays because of the cool factor. I must’ve been misinformed when getting cheated on or lied to was apart of being together with your girlfriend/boyfriend. Same can be said for relationships that aren’t romantic, some people aren’t built to be in your life. 

I need a place to start

Left with a broken heart

This was one of my favorite lines from Bridges. It stood out to me. Why? After a breakup, there’s nothing you can do except sit and ponder the next move. Feelings never fade away as fast as we want them too. It’s a slow burn that we have to sit through, in order to collect ourselves together and move on. 

He captured these elements, and as sad as the song is, Bridges is a wake up call or a reminder, to cut the negative people out of your life. Once they show you their hand, it’s hard to change the stripes on a tiger.

Listen to Bridges:

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