Tia Carys- Reflect in Mirrors (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Photo by natevisuals 

Coming from the United Kingdom, London based Singer-songwriter, Tia Carys, holds on her shoulder what appears to be confidence, cultivated into successful music. The song under review is
Reflect In Mirrors. The songwriting here derives from a place of self worth. Knowing what she is really capable of and the consistency needed ahead to fully manifest her goals. ‘Reflect In Mirrors’ has elements in parts of the song that make those moments when everyone sings along to 4-6 words out of the whole song. “I gotta' leave I gotta' go.” Those lyrics aren’t incredibly special, but it’s the delivery, coupled with such a genuine accent, that makes this line desirable to the ears. 

Another feature of this song that draws my attention is the flow she provides. Carys can switch it up on you with some spice. From high-energy triplet flows to a more emotionally strong delivery, Tia carries her heart on her sleeve. She’s got what you need, for some upbeat vibes, uplifting music, and straight-up feel good tunes. The diversity we hear are the early stages of development. Tia Carys will be a whole new icon before you realize it. Catch up with her now on this single - Reflect in Mirrors out now! 

Take a Listen:



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