Tidus- Each Time (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

From his voice to the flow, Tidus brings an energy that is off-kilter and by design. 

On his newest single titled, Each Time, he’s in command of the journey that is specifically made for him. Tidus, is fully aware of who he is and where he comes from, as he states: “Brick City” (Shout out to Jersey). There’s some great talent out in the 973, and we are witnessing one of them blossom.

Tidus speaks about being fully committed to pursuing what drives him every day. That’s a mindset every young person, male or female should have. We often worry too much about others, while at times, we should be more about self. Focusing on self isn’t harmful,l and it’ll most likely bring us peace. It’s more beneficial to travel a road that leads us to happiness and success. If you fail, that’s inherited within the process of becoming great. 

“Gotta' be the judge gotta' decide

 I cannot chill, I can’t recline”

Tidus has a firm belief in God and his plans, never questioning them. He trusts himself and most importantly, he trusts that God is with him through his journey. This message needs to be spread throughout hip- hop, seeing as though it’s the number one Genre in the world. Everyone has eyes on the rap game and what we are saying to our audience.

This is a message I approve and Tidus is an artist to watch in the future. 

Take a listen: 


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