Todays Youth- Feel It (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

This a perfect song for the times we are living in. Through all the trials and tribulations, we still need songs like, Feel It, to grasp the problems in society- in hopes of a brighter day. 

Described as an “anthem that celebrates the protests” by Today’s Youth, “Feel It,” is a song we can add to the protest playlists we've received, and uplift the people taking a stand. 

Racial injustice in America has always been prevalent, way before 2020. It's the amount of damage that has occurred over the last several years that has brought it back to the forefront. From Trayvon Martin to Breonna Taylor, systemic racism has plagued us and reached a boiling point for us. Not only is, Feel It, a song for the protests, it’s a song that fills us with hope.

Today’s Youth, don’t remind us of the tragedies that have occured, instead, they focus on the positive outcome of all actions being taken. We are fighting for the generation of tomorrow and their future. The singing on this song brings the words to life. 

While one song won’t heal the world, it’s a bright spot in the dark times that we are living in today. Feel It, inspires change, the type of change that requires everyone’s involvement. 

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