Tomike x Omo Aston- Wildflower (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

This new single “Wildflower” comes from two artists named Tomike and Omo Aston. They are based in Dublin, Ireland and their focus is soul and substance. “Wildflower” has a sound that is so illuminating, it relaxes the soul sonically. This song speaks on the process of letting go and becoming honest with one’s self and others.

“Wildflower” is lyrically touching and refreshing to her both sides in a whimsical manner. “I don’t wanna’ hold on to you, if you’re not holding on, I don’t wanna’ wait up for you, if you’re not coming home.” It takes a special talent to make pain sound so pleasant.

Tomike and Omo are great artists on their own of course. I hope that these two make more songs together in the future or possibly a collab project, that would be dope. I also had to watch the live performance of “Wildflower” and it was so chilling– but calm. The guitar was played by the awfully talented Zak Higgins and piano was played by the skillful Pio Hartnett. They all killed the performance and beautifully executed contemporary r&b.

You are missing out if you don’t add “Wildflower” by Tomike and Omo Aston into the mix of your music library.

Check it out:

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