Tommy Turner: A Visionary for The Future (Report)

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Whether it be music, visual art, or dance- they’re several reasons we as humans connect so deeply with our favorite art forms. Sure, on the surface they can be entertaining and/or fun. On another end of the spectrum they can be inspiring and motivating. Though, what we shouldn’t overlook is the therapeutic  gift they can bring us. Have you ever been in a stressful situation, but turned on that one song that eased you. Better yet, how about a film or play that completely made you forget what you were feeling just an hour ago?

Screenplay writer, actor, and director, Tommy Turner is currently on the creator’s side of the art world with plans to be on the levels of great writers like Tyler Perry. When you scroll through Turner’s Instagram, you see someone who is destined with a ferevered work ethic, and bundle of creativity. “I was born and raised in Lakeland Florida, a small town between Orlando and Tampa. As I got older I always had a bat temper. So in order to calm myself I wrote down how I felt in one word. Then those one words went from sentences, to paragraphs,Said Turner.

Turner is not pursuing his success in the depths of fantasy either. He is very much so living and working amongst some of the most highly toted figures in the industry. Look at the photo above. Yes, you’re seeing that correctly. Turner is side by side with critically acclaimed actor Mark Wahlberg. With talent like that around, it’s not surprise that Turner has big plans for DC in the future, working on screenplays like Lex Luther, Black Supremacy, and Scar.

“Anything that pops up in my head goes onto paper, and will eventually turn into a story for me to to tell the fans.” - Tommy Turner

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