Tony Cobain (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Miles Monroe II

From the mind of Tony Cobain, his latest single, The City is an affinity for where he is from and the makeup that comes with being from NYC. His song is also accompanied with a video that shows 2 different sides of the city. There were a group of guys who were making fun of and posting a video of a middle aged man having a heart attack. Once the song starts, you see the bright lights and the allure of New York City.

There are two different energies that we see in the city, it depends on which side you feed off of. I liked that his wordplay was cinematic and it played out in the video. The City, is a vibe that will push you to pursue your goals, no matter how the road may seem. Success doesn’t come easy and it’s going to take long nights and early mornings in order to see the hard work pay off. 

Check it out:

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