Tori Thomas- It Gets Better (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Today I had the opportunity to sit inside of the Folktronica single by Tori Thomas, It Gets Better.  I was thrown into an overwhelming emotional piece I was not ready for. We have all heard an excessive amount of heartbreak songs. What Tori implements differently is realism and imagery. You see this heavily throughout the track, starting with my favorite lyric “Coffee, it burns more than you ever did…. But I still can’t get the taste of you out of my mouth.” So realistic and relatable. The unconscious elements through the day that your special someone has been a part of for so long are hard to let go of.

As a result of the investment she made into her ex, Tori reflects on losing a part of herself, making it hard to move on. Musically, this piece did not stand out to me as much as the lyrics and delivery. I am not sure if this song is specifically about Tori, but she definitely has a talent for empathizing vocally. There are many elements to her style of singing/songwriting that can easily transcribe to a brighter song. If the heartbreak does not move you, be patient. It Gets Better, her debut single is only the beginning. 

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