Wild Whispers- Icarus Rising (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

Icarus Rising sounds like the pop version of Meek Mill’s Dreams and Nightmares based off the beat switch halfway through the song to an up-tempo feel. Wild Whispers’ Debut single, Icarus Rising, is an honest and uplifting single that bases its theme on Icarus from Greek mythology. His tale is built on reckless abandonment, pushing the boundaries of his gift further than they could reach. In terms of what that might mean today, don’t let your ego overshadow your talent and to have a balance between the two.

The message of not flying too close to the sun is flipped completely by the Wild Whispers, instead making it a point to never let anyone tell us what we can’t do, Through their intense lyrics and soaring vocals, Wild Whispers gives the audience a glimmer of hope for chasing our wildest dreams, no matter how far they seem for us. Icarus’ story was a lesson to never fly too close to the sun and that may be true in some aspects of life. 

What the Wild Whispers convey through their masterful first single is that there is a way that we can fly close to the sun and still reach our destination. His life was a lesson for us to learn from and still take notes on what not to do in order to reach our highest rankings in life. Wild Whispers have built a cult following from their invite only shows and with the release of Icarus Rising, the buzz around this group is only going to increase over time.

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  • Kelley Malone

    Wild whispers are an amazing duo that melds their voices to make wonderful music 😍
    They are going places! To the stars⭐⭐⭐⭐🎶

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