Lillian Hepler- Hold Me While You Wait (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Lewis Capaldi is responsible for the atmosphere of this piece. Hold me while you wait is covered by Lillian Hepler and highlights some of the strongest aspects of her instrument. The immediate difference I hear is the brighter timbre of the vocals. As a young woman, Lillian’s voice leaves more space in the middle and lower frequencies in this piece which does something for the whole song. Lillian takes this piece to stretch the barrier of her abilities. Singing in a range comfortable and belting in big sections to raise the hair on the back of your neck. “Won’t you stay a while? I wish you cared a little more.” The two sentences are perfect examples of how she maintains the original sounding quality of the piece and still extends her impressive resume vocally. 

As stated, Lewis Capaldi deserves credit for the piece’s structure, but Lillian captures the gradual crescendo bouncing from lyric to lyric. Repetition of “I know” is used as a springboard to leap up another notch in energy. “Won’t you please stay here?” If it was her song, it would be a big warm moment. How humble and professional to end such a beautiful cover by resolving early and calmly, once the extent of her voice has been proved. Only when Complexity and grace meet can you hear something as elegant as what we have here. Check out Lillian’s cover of  Hold me while you wait, out now!

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