Dree Rivers- Bless Ur Heart (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

We don’t like attention whores, that’s just how it goes with guys. This was the perfect song to get that message across. Dree Rivers newest single, Bless Ur Heart, is as unapologetic as it gets when discussing females. I won’t say all seek or crave attention, but the ones that do, have their funny ways of receiving it. Some of these beautiful girls that we drool over you come with this sort of baggage, but is it worth it?

I feel like the honesty in Dree’s lyrics and how he delivers them puts the audience in his shoes. That picture he is painting is pretty vivid and we understand why he’s saying F this girl. I would do the same thing, especially when the actions of a female can alter how we treat women after her. Women that are extremely difficult and toxic, transfer that energy to us the more time we spend with them. I loved the vibe of the song, it’s not a trap beat with the nonsensical lyrics. It was a very tasteful F You to any and every girl with these traits that damage the fellas. Very dope song from Dree, I suggest for everyone to go and check out, Bless Ur Heart, for your breakup playlist. 

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