Rime Salmi- Batwanes Beek (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Rime Salmi  is for the people. This Canadian/Moroccan-pop artist gets busy.Rime Wears her heart on her sleeve in her performance of Warda’s Batwanes Beek. There is no other feeling like traditional sitar music. They're always counted in the most complex time signatures. When I hear the instrumentation on this track, I can quickly follow along, but I still get the same feeling of warmth when I listen to other sub genres of Indian music. Some music and musicians utilize an instrument called a Tambura like the one I’m hearing. The Tambua is used to create a droning sound and this sound is very popular in Indian music, to me it sets the vibe for this song.

The instrument is often used as a tool for meditation and meditation is also used as time to cherish what you have in life. “Batwanes Beek wa enta m'aya.” which translates to: 'I cherish your company when you are with me’ in English. The very first lyric you hear on this track translating from Arabic to English to help us realize that we all love. Aside from filling the pocket of this track with ease, Rime Salmi has kept her word and has cherished the people in the music video, where she raises awareness to the LGBTQ+ committee in style. If you’re into colorful music and enticing phrases- Batwanes Beek’s full music video is out now! 

Check it out:


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