Stefan PVDS x Owen Broder (Track Review)


Written by Miles Monroe II

If there was ever a way to show how much your significant other may be the one, play this song. Meet the Parents is the debut single from upcoming artist, Stefan PVDS. The song also features Owen Broder, which, properly titled, is highlighting the good qualities of your partner. This is the moment of truth in many relationships because the first impression with parents can be difficult. You don’t want to do anything to embarrass yourself while trying to impress his/her parents. To be fair, parents don’t make it easy and difficulties may arise as the evening continues.

But, Stefan keeps his partner assured of her place in his life. This is the kind of reassurance a woman looks for in a man these days. The willingness to commit and describing the ways beyond the physical elements are a dream. This is where he excels on Meet The Parents, making a woman feel at peace with the level of confidence in the relationships lasting forever. He eases us into the meeting with the parents throughout the song, giving us what questions might come about over dinner. Knowing that she is as cool as a cucumber, leaves his mind at rest and belief in the family welcoming her. Dope song from Stefan and Owen behind great production and songwriting. 

Check it out:

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