TRACKS FOR THE MAX, Curated by Imani Wj Wright [Ep12]

Mummie Wicked by J'Oleeha

This piece makes me feel like I'm at one of my favorite Afrobeats clubs in Silver Spring. If you've never had an Afrobeat experience from 2am-6am, then you need to try it. Maybe I'm missing something culturally- I've heard references to mummies in three different songs this week. Nonetheless, the absolute rawness of the engineering, and feeling of the vocals being right in your ear adds an organic dynamic to this piece. 'Mummie Wicked' rolls and bounces the right way! Check it out

Simple Love by Shreya Acharya

Listening to this piece out-loud versus listening in your headphones are entirely two different experiences. This has the movement and hard-hitting production of something you'd blast in the car, driving down the highway on a sunny day. However, playing this in your headphones creates a much more warm and intimate experience. For those ladies/gents who realize they may have played hard to get with the wrong person, this track is for you... Take a listen

Lucifer (Live but recorded @ Woodshed Recording) by Casley and the Jank

Have you ever attended a Sofar Sounds show? It's one of the greatest musical series in the world. You hear music in its most organic form- acoustic, minimal, and in the moment. It's an experience that I think every music lover should experience. While listening to Casely and the Jank, you're hearing authentic and fearless talent. Their songwriting is easily followed, though at times, conceptually complex. The vocals are crisp and accurately pitched. When you're listening to Casley and the Jank's live work, it's beautifully imperfect. Nothing ever sounds like a mistake, it's just not studio clean. And you know what? That adds to the experience greatly. 
Check em' out 

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