TRACKS FOR THE MAX, Curated by Imani Wj Wright [Ep13]

Lost in Your Eyes by JULÉ

This piece is so amazingly smooth. Sometimes you just hear professionalism seeping from an artist's musical approach. I'd be remiss to not mention the jazzy bass line, the airy vocals that have no lack of conviction, and the subtle piano. But ultimately, for me, I'm madly impressed with the musical confidence JULÉ provides us on 'Lost in Your Eyes

The Comeback Kid! by M.I Hakone

If you needed something to keep you in that chill mood from the previous vibe, this record is for sure going to mellow you out, maybe even more. It's chill, but a different type of chill. 'The Comeback Kid!' is not as sultry, but it leaves a lot of room for you to paint your own scene. It is by no means a blank canvas, but there's enough room for your creativity to run wild. Check it out

Après La Pluie by Noam Williamson

Yes, I know I have taken you on a journey of genres throughout this episode of TFTM, but my goodness, you're in for a masterful treat with this one. Close your eyes and picture one of the most cinematically beautiful scenes you can muster from your creativity and let this be the score that accompanies it. Williamson's composition is awe-inspiring. It's hard to decide which instrument is truly in the lead here, everything is working in a harmonious tandem. Enjoy

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