TRACKS FOR THE MAX, Curated by Imani Wj Wright [Ep14]

Green by Swan

Swan's 'Green' is a piece that imposes on your emotions heavily. While I was listening, I didn't know what to truly feel. There was a humming sensation that went across my shoulders. For some reason, 'Green' creates a space for you to reminisce. Whether the memories are bright or dark, it's Swan's voice gliding over that piano, and solidly mixed drum pattern, that makes your mind drift away. Not to mention, the horn that solos towards the latter half of the song is almost symbolic of all the extra uncertainties that life brings. Take a listen

Matinee by Tim Atlas ft. Rich

Have you ever listened to Blonde by the elusive Frank Ocean? Well, it's one of the best albums of all time- Frank dropped in and dropped MASTERPIECE. I'd be shocked if Tim Atlas and Rich weren't influenced by that project. This piece is gorgeously constructed, and a peaceful intro to Atlas' EP, Matinee.

Can Never Be Me by JoshFruzza

There's a ton of raw, in your face, real-deal lyrics on this joint. The accents add a different swagger to HipHop, and the production keeps your car speakers knocking! Check it out

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