TRACKS FOR THE MAX, Curated by Imani Wj Wright [Ep15]


Boma Ngai by Lcams

This piece is full of everything you'd want from a sensually driven high-energy track. The percussion not only sounds good, but feels good. At the right volume, the record's rhythm moves with you and resonates throughout your body. Boma Ngai, which in the language of Lingala means, "Kill Me", takes on a slightly different meaning for cam's usage. Here, he is referring to the prowess in which his love interest is displaying in the bedroom. Lcam's voice glides seamlessly throughout, and the engieering is crispy. Check it out


Pure Tears by Markus Nikolaus

The guitar strums away somberly. You are grasped by the overarching patience and minimalism of the record your ears are soon to listen to. Nikolaus is telling his own story lyrically, but the emotional damage that he displays he universal to all. Maybe unfortunately... Take a listen


Rain Won't Fall by Alana Hill

Along with the great lyrical metaphors on "Rain Won't Fall"- this piece is funky and spiritual. The bass line is something you'd hear from a producer of the likes of Thundercat. Alana's lead vocals bring this piece to the ribbon, as the choir takes us through the finish line. Listen here

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