TRACKS FOR THE MAX, Curated by Imani Wj Wright [Ep16]

Circle Line by Rosa Landers

Her voice is beyond pleasing, and her musical soundscape complements her perfectly. On "Circle Lanes", Rosa Landers is leading the way vocally while sublte percussions and an almost muted melody is filling the rest of the space. Landers' sings a line saying: "We don't even touch", but I can assure you, this piece will touch your soul and put chills all over your body. Pour a glass of wine and dim the lights, it's Rosa's time to shine. Check it out 

You by Leon Cruz

There's something about this record that feels like a well-woven juxtaposition. Cruz is singing with an undeniable high intensity of emotion. Though, his vocals are still reposeful. The soul Cruz displays is infectious and feel authentic. When he sings: "You bring me joy", as an audience member you know there is nothing but genuine tenderness flowing from Cruz. Take a Listen

Same One, Different Face by Nikki Hayes

It's almost ridiculous how good this song is. Hayes' voice is one of pure professionalism and soul. Her storytelling is easy to follow, but you may get so mesmerized by her voice that you have to replay it a few times to fully grasp what she's crooning. Have you ever listened to "Summers Over Interlude"? It gives that the type of vibe. You can run it back over and over again. Enjoy

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