TRACKS FOR THE MAX, Curated by Imani Wj Wright [Ep17]

I Heart Kitsch - Sax Version by Gregor Strniša

Ahh yes- One of my all time favorite artists is Astrud Gilberto. an absolute Bossa nova goddess. This sounds like the perfect musical soundscape for her vocals to have flourished over. The dynamics of this piece are also so indicative of Strniša's musical proficiency. Check it out

Just as friends by Josh Berkeley 

This is the kind of record that has the ability to follow you for generations. One of those records that you hear at 25, but still has the same effect at 60- Who you're listening with, and how you listen may change, but the warm feelings it gives will never waver. "Taking me to a higher power... No desire to resist..." Take a listen

Multiply by Adi Oasis x Luedji Luna

This piece is pretty funky, and I really dig the direction taken here. Instantly, I'm reminded of Ravyn Lenae, and a little bit of Thundercat. The record is eccentric, but does not miss an ounce of funk! Enjoy

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