TRACKS FOR THE MAX, Curated by Imani Wj Wright [Ep2]

"into the blackhole" by HOAX

Plain and simple, this record is a PROFESSIONAL one. I listen to tons of music (clearly), and I'll be honest, some of it sounds amateurish. Sometimes I hear potential, and sometimes there's absolutely no hope. But here- this is the real deal. HOAX is the truth. The minimal instrumentation feels full. Ever been sprung? Yeah, most of us have. But while a lot of us sit around sobbing and/or drooling over our loves, HOAX is making it sound cool to be lost in helplessly lost someone's eyes.


I hear so many reminiscent soundS on this record- Kendrick, Smino, MIA... Damn! From the funky guitar, to the fun but ultimately serious vocals, this piece is a head-nodder, but also a brain jogger. The instrumental breakdowns work so well and there is no true steady rhythmic direction. Go on a slick and funky journey on "FOREX".

"Joko Sibe" by Jimi

I can listen to this song anywhere. 'Joko Sibe' has the cool vocal vibe of listening music, but also the uptempo bounce of a dance track. It just simply depends on which aspect of the record you're trying to tap-in to. You'll have a good time either way.

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