TRACKS FOR THE MAX, Curated by Imani Wj Wright [Ep3]

"SUPERMAN" by CA$H CAM ft. Wyd Benny

I'm perplexed. Yo, I just got back in the crib, and I had to turn this up. It's 2am, but this got me LIT!! The braggadocios style of Cam's delivery, combined with  this simple but thumping instrumental creates a good a** time,

"εnxrgy" by Nazzy the Mic

Right out the gate- I heard Kodi Shane vibes from this record. Kodi with a mix of Kaash Paige. Her vocals are so ridiculously smooth, and the atmosphere she curates is great for the late night. Looking forward to a flourishing career from Nazzy.

"Woke Up" by Jordan Looney

I was in Baltimore's R House, one of my favorite food parks when I heard this record. I gave my earbuds to Lukey Lenz, and we bumped this joint twice at lunch. The Jordan Ward-esque direction of this joint is a very chill and tranquil head knocker. A bit paradoxical right?

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