TRACKS FOR THE MAX, Curated by Imani Wj Wright [Ep5]

"Grown" by Olivier Chavet

I'm reminded of Chet Baker while listening to this. Not just the sound, but the slew of emotions i experience while listening. I get chills from the well-nigh somberness that exudes from this piece. But as it progresses, there are incredibly bright spots which have a vigor that. The kind of vigor that makes you bite your bottom lip and nod your head back back and forth. 

"Moment of Reflection" by Steve Luck

Repetition can be a hell of a thing- when used correctly. Luck's left hand creates a memorizing bass line that can easily soothe you as you ease into micro-sleep. Have you ever been in the middle of being awake, while simultaneously having a lucid drea. about something that elates you? That is how "Moment of Reflection" feels...

"We'll Find a Way II" by Matthew Shell & Kenny McNeil

This entire album is a display of instrumental professionalism. It's jazzy, has a great bounce, and is engineered smoothly. If you're a fan of consistently beautiful guitar play, this may be for you.

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