TRACKS FOR THE MAX, Curated by Imani Wj Wright [Ep6]

"Sun Up 2 Sun Down" by AP The Gift

I've gotten so caught up listening to this song that I forgot I had an article to write. I've immediately become a fan of AP. Their smooth, yet intense vocal approach is stellar. Her vocals reach great levels of emotion but never seem like too much. The engineering is also clean and crisp, adding to this blissful listening experience.

I'm A Dreamer by The Parade

Ya know, as I listen to this piece, I had to ask myself what the intent of The Parade was. Should we look at the instrumentation as being the lead sound, or the vocals? The instrumentation is strong, and the vocals feel sporadic, but everything comes together. You get lost in the sauce here, close you eyes and enjoy the vibes.

You Should Know by Sainvii

I've always enjoyed art where several sides of a person are seen. To be even more specific, I like when the personality traits come out in hints, almost indirectly. Like life, everything isn't always clear and directly in your face. Sainvii is a loving person on this song, but he also shows that he has a bit of venom and aggression that could explode if poked. Musically, 'You Should Know' is a journey through some of the turmoil love brings.

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