TRACKS FOR THE MAX, Curated by Imani Wj Wright [Ep7]

"Creases" by Michael Bird

This is my kind of music. Listen to the boom-bap drums, jazzy bass line, and soulful vocals. I'd also be remiss to not mention how beautifully minimal 'Creases' is. A wonderful piece of work by Michael Bird.

"Come Down" by Trey Joshua

Joshua will have many people in the palm of his hand as this piece expands and reaches more ears. His voice has all the attributes of a bonafide pop-star. His vocals take a demanding lead of the whole track, and the lyrical direction is one may can relate to.

"Just Touch Me (feat.雷擎)" by Fi-Né

Subtle Sade vibes here anyone? There's some solid rap on this record. Undeniably though, the sensuality of the singing, instrumentation, and lyrical concept is what sells this thing. Nothing feels forced, all natural and buttery smooth.

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