TRACKS FOR THE MAX, Curated by Imani Wj Wright [Ep8]

"Escapism (feat. 070 Shake)" by RAYE

This track has a bit of a menacing sound to it. Something you may hear in a dramatic cinema. RAYE's and 070 Shake's very distinguishable vocal timbres take this piece completely over the edge.

Cold As Usual by deathbypeanuts x MERON

Without a doubt. This record is going in my late night playlist. The production is as clean and crisp as the singing here. Contrary to the title, 'Cold as Usual' is warm and neo-soulful.


One thing about KID TRAVIS- you're going to hear some unforgettable guitar riffs. The intro on this piece reminds me of something Cobain would compose. Travis' vocals are vintage Travis, so of course they're solid. But the guitar here is quite a listen. Wouldn't be surprised if this is sampled by producers in the future.

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