TRACKS FOR THE MAX, Curated by Imani Wj Wright [Ep9]

"Take to the Air" by James Richardson

From the opening moments, this piece is jazz all the way. Listen to the professionalism of the rhythm/drums. 'Take to the Air' kicks into gear quickly, and also touches your ears with some melodic scatting. You get horns, guitar, and of course wonderful piano play.  Take a Listen

 Dancing Lights by Eikona

This is an extrodinary display of tone painting on 'Dancing Lights'. Eikona plays the piano in such a way that it sounds like the keys are dancing with one another. Eikona gives you the belief that under their orchestrating, anything can be personified.  Listen here and Enjoy

 Beautiful Creature (bedroom recording) by Amelie Lucille

 This track is so incredibly raw. Most of the time I listen to tracks with an almost "under-produced" sound and I'm turned away from them. Here, this is not the case. This piece feels like a dream, a lucid one, but a dream nonetheless.  Check it out

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