Trip Carter- Freshout (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

Have you ever been in a relationship that you’ve been waiting to be over? Well, Trip is over it! His new single “Fresh Out” is an uptempo break up song and he is letting us know he is not sorry. This track consists of creative lyricism and Trip shows he has a great way of storytelling. His word play is top tier while his lyrics are relatable and memorable. “I’m fresh out of love, I’m free do what I want, shouldn’t say I’m grateful for my break up but I was.” He is fresh out, he is ready to be free. Trip plays the guitar so he uses the acoustic guitar as the foundation for the instrumental and the other instruments come in perfectly. 

“Fresh out” is on Trip Carter’s new EP, Slim Tripper that includes “Ego Trip,” “Ovation” and “Heavy Weight.” Each song is unique to itself which lets us know Trip Carter is a pop artist with versatility and a fresh sound. He is multi talented musician who is not afraid to show you what he can do. Make sure you add “Fresh Out” to your Sorry Not Sorry playlist and rejuvenate your ears!

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