Ts3di- Let Go (Track Review)


Written by Miles Monroe II 

“Give It to the Most High”

Even as we live through a pandemic, there is still a moment that we have to take for ourselves and be thankful for making it through. This is a monumental moment that we won’t ever forget, but we’ve been strong throughout the year. Ts3di teaches us to Let Go of all the minuscule problems we feel may plague our lives and live in the moment. That’s something we all think we are doing, when truthfully, only a small percentage of people are doing. The problems we consider big, are small in comparison to others who may not have luxuries we take for granted. 

I’m choosing to live and not dull my shine. 

She delivers her message in such a harmonious way that, by the end of the song, you’ll re-evaluate how you assess the problems that won’t last forever. Even if you aren’t religious, believing in a higher being can be key to getting through some dark days. All is never lost when you have the higher powers that are on your side. This song is a bright ray of sunshine for people who may feel the clouds will never pass. Even though some things may take time, brighter days are ahead. I encourage all to tune into Ts3di’s newest single, Let Go, on all streaming platforms. 

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