Heavy June- TTK (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Has a song ever absorbed you so much, that you lost your sense of time? You may be leaving work during rush hour, gearing for a long flight, or trying to finish those last couple of reps at the gym… Either way, the song you're playing is keeping your mind occupied. 

For me this week, that song has been- TTK  by Heavy June. This track has all the makings of a solid and free-spirited hit.

6 seconds into the piece, some very pronounced drums begin to play as Heavy June's vocals take the lead. The first few lyrics you hear are: "Wake up in the morning." This line fits the style of the song like a glove, it has the type of energy that will kickstart your day, right out of bed. I'm a huge fan of the engineering decision to put a thick EQ effect on the vocals. It sounds like Heavy June is singing through a telephone or some sort of Walkie-talkie. I interpreted this effect as Heavy June creating a direct conversation between he and his audience. It's almost as if Heavy June is calling you up personally and telling you to feel less and live more, as his lyrics would suggest: "And I don't think, no- I just feel (yeah)."

An electric guitar solo emerges from the middle of the track as Heavy June's vocals take a backseat for a few seconds. The guitar solo brings an extra layer of flare to TTK. Soon after, Heavy June's vocals return as the track fades out with a beautiful horn subtly playing in the background.

Remember earlier when I alluded to certain songs making you lose your sense of time? Well it took me about 10 plays to realize TTK is only 1 minute and 40 seconds long. There's a lot to unravel here in under two minutes of music. This piece is a treat- short and sweet. 

Listen to TTK here: 


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