ttypes- Still in Love with the Love (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

How did I miss this song from ttypes?

How can you bottle up all the emotions that come from a failed relationship and make a song? A good one? I mean a really good one?

Ttypes may have found the formula faster than plankton finding the secret formula to the krabby patty. In all seriousness, I was in awe at Still in love with the love, a song that was released almost 3 years ago. For starters, the title is something to behold because it’s not a phrase used too often. This is a true sentiment felt because when you put your heart into a relationship, it is bound to get broken when things don’t work out or if infidelity plays a part. You will always have those questions about what you might’ve done wrong, when honestly, it wasn’t your fault at all. Whoever decides to leave you for no apparent reason or a stupid one, they didn’t deserve that type of love and affection. By no means is this a sad song from Ttypes; there are no cries for reconciliation, just an explanation. 

No I don’t miss you babe, I just miss the dream

That’s one cold bar right there. It’s a quiet confidence pertaining to how awesome they can be. The feeling of loving someone, genuinely, is great and you never want to lose that. Whoever fumbles that bag, is in grave danger of never finding that same type of love again. 

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