Tyler Loyal- Still Mine (Track Review)

Written by Tyler Akles

In today’s world, releasing music is easier than it has ever been. Streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music have made a very straightforward method in getting your music out to the public. With an abundance of new sounds published on a daily basis, it has become increasingly difficult to “stand out” as an artist. A strategy that's been successful in garnering an audience since the beginning of time is catering to emotion.

A great example of the aforementioned is what Boston native, Tyler Loyal, delivers on his track “Still Mine”. Loyal brings incredibly smooth vocals and harmonies that the genre of R&B is known for, and merges them with a trap-influenced beat, all over a guitar that really sets the tone of the track. “Still Mine” is a song that will easily resonate with Loyal’s audience, because of its sense of relatability. Nearly everyone’s been through a breakup and tracks like this bridge the gap between an artist and their audience.

Of course, there are hundreds, even thousands of breakup songs out there, but what makes “Still Mine” a song that I would continue to listen to? Simply put, the incredible vocal performance from Tyler Loyal, and the extremely catchy and emotional hook of the song.

Check it out:

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