UglyFace- The Coast (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright

“She said she need a change of scenery. Different range of eateries… It’s all good, but everything in life ain’t what it seem to be.”

There’s so much you can dig about this track, and for good reason.

Music Collective, UglyFace gives us some solid jazz-esque HipHop vibes on their record, “The Coast”. Instrumentally, the listener will have no issue finding head nodding rhythms from the drums, and bass notes. The bass is subtle here, but plays an intricate role in creating a resonating buzz for UglyFace to glide over. The bed is made for UglyFace to lay some slick, thought provoking, and occasionally dark verses. 

From relationship, to social messages, this piece is a lyrical medley of HipHop prowess. Its funky and damn near perfectly sung hook doesn’t hurt either.

Check it out:

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