Upprcaze- PLANZ (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

Don’t you love it when Planz come together?

A smooth record, Planz by Upprcaze completely controls the vibe. You have to love when a person can capture your attention while ghosting everyone who is still trying to slide in their DM. It’s all about reciprocating the same energy, showing initiative, and going above and beyond. Most women find it attractive when their man plans out activities for them, and the time and effort this takes shouldn’t go unnoticed either. 

The overall vibe of the track is very seductive, and it clearly presents a woman’s perspective when she gets what she wants. If there is no type of effort being made, you’ll be left sooner rather than later. It’s all on the guy to make that initial push to want to be with a girl. At the end of the day, a woman has choices, but we have a chance to be their final choice. As far as her lyrical talent, Upprcaze’s flow on Planz is damn near better than some rappers that are out now. When you can switch up from the smooth R&B flow to a sped up rap flow, you are damn near unstoppable. Incredibly dope song from Upprcaze. 

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