Valley Boy- Sad Girl (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

Everyone hates a sad girl who likes to be sad because they love to be tortured. That was a mouthful.

Valley Boy’s newest single, Sad Girl, explores the trials and tribulations of who those types of girls are. Being Sad or to like being hurt cause it feels good is another type of crazy that some women are born with. Pessimistic women are a tough crowd to please when you are a good guy. I really liked the vibe of this piece. It’s such an interesting choice of topic. There are females who act this way and like to be negatively impacted because it’s positive in their eyes. Some guys can really cheat on their girl and still keep her because this type of abuse is normal and it’s thrilling.

You believe in God, but you don’t believe in love

That’s a wild statement, but it’s so true at the end of the day. Valley Boy has a unique sound on this track which fits the message they are giving to all the girls who are less optimistic. Their tone brings curiosity to the situation. more than understanding. Across the board, this is a solid piece that will hit home for many, and can possibly start a change in someone. 

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