Vincent- Chasing (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello

A brand new year means different things to all of us. Some people decide to set New Year’s Resolutions while others prefer to focus on developing themselves in their own enumerated ways. When it comes to the creation of music, up-and-coming artists oftentimes set goals surrounding their careers within the music industry. Recently, I came across a fresh face in the music industry by the name of Vincent.

After discovering Vincent for the first time, I was fortunate enough to find a track by the name of “Chasing”. While still being a newer release for the up-and-comer, the talent shown through all two and a half minutes is incredible. Vincent has a melodic voice that almost resonates the same way that some of Chris Brown’s hits do. Vincent’s lyrics mean something to him, as you can tell from the very first listen.

I’m personally shocked to see that an artist with as much talent as Vincent hasn’t  cracked the coveted code of stardom yet. However, I also am a believer that with enough time and effort, the future is bright. Vincent is an extremely gifted artist with a lot of potential, and I believe that this potential will only continue to grow as time goes on. If you want to given “Chasing” a listen for yourself, then be sure to do so using the Spotify link below!

Check it out:

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