Visual Candy: Maka- Sweet [Video Critique]

Critiqued by Lukey Lenz

Maka’s Sweet video is one of the most intriguing visual pieces regarding music that I have seen in a while. When I first viewed this visual, I believed it to be a visualizer. There was a wide array of animation and moving pieces. Typically visualizers loop, but this video takes the viewer across vast landscapes and continues a story. 

It’s obvious Maka and director, Str8Buttah, had a specific vision for this piece. Watching 'Sweet' is like watching a moving collage, full of articulate images that change size, flip, and evolve into other images. 'Sweet' has a visual depth full of textures and layering that exemplifies detail. 

There is so much to this video that should be enjoyed, so that’s what I’ll let you all do.

Go see Maka’s newest video Sweet, directed by Str8Buttah

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