Vivienne Chi & Harry Shadow- Dreams (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Have you ever given a speech or had a presentation, and the person who went before you was exceptional? Even if you haven't been on yhe receiving end of that dilemma, you've most likely experienced it as a viewer. Sometimes a bar/standard is set so high, that the person who's reaching for it can fall short. 

While attempting to perform a classic as recognizable as Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, you have to bring it all, and then some. And hey, Vivienne Chi & Harry Shadow did so on their recent rendition. 

There aren't any variations to the lyrics or vocal melodies, but there sure are changes to the overall soundscape. The atmosphere is full on Electro-Pop, and unapologetically so. From the very start of this thing, you get suspense, and heavily reverberated vocals that seem to bounce. The percussion on this piece is steady, and adds a serious punch to mix. You don't hear this too often, but, the percussion sometimes feels like the lead when the vocals aren't as prevalent. Very enjoyable display here from Vivienne and Harry. 

If you're looking for a fun twist to a timeless hit, take a listen:

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