wewantdish: Rising in the Streaming Game (Report)

Reported by Lucas Ballard

wewantdish! wewantdish! That’s what you’ll be hearing soon. 

In a world of content, the growth of the streaming community has elevated particular individuals to high levels of fame. Playing games and reaction videos are two popular avenues in the streaming community, being that many people are interested in seeing great players, learning new tricks, and keeping up with funny videos in popular culture. FlightReacts, Ninja, and Adin Ross are streamers that I’ve found to be popular in recent years. Flight is commonly found in the basketball and sports side of streaming whereas Ninja is mainly gaming, leaving Adin Ross, who covers a multitude of topics. 

On the gaming side of Youtube, Dishant Patel, or wewantsish, is a 16 year old Call of Duty (COD) prodigy. He was raised in Zambia and is steadily growing an audience. In all of his videos, he shows his gaming IQ and skill. In one of his 1v1 matches he managed to defeat his opponent 31 kills to 13, both players exclusively using snipers. 

His movement is probably one of the more crucial aspects of his gaming technique. His mannerisms are very quick and precise, giving him an optimal advantage of typical players. In many of his shorter videos, he captures himself hitting tough shots from extraordinary angles, some even when the opponent is airborne. One thing he cannot afford to leave out of his game is accuracy, and as mentioned before, he has developed a keen sense of when to shoot a target. Many of these shots require quick reaction times and leaves him minimal room for error. 

wewantdish is still very young and has a solid margin of time to not only improve his skills, but also grow his following. As he gets older he plans to diversify his skills and continue to develop content for his growing audience. 

Look out for dish’s growth.

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